Fiori Floral Care

Fiori flowers are guaranteed fresh on arrival, and should maintain freshness for 4-7 days. To preserve the quality and longevity of your flowers, we strongly encourage following these steps:

  1. Always keep flowers level to avoid water spillage from the inner plastic container into the outer box. The outer box is not moisture-resistant and will be damaged by water.
  2. Your flowers were shipped with a reduced amount of water. Once they arrive, lift the inner container out of the box and add additional cool water. Remove any leaves touching the water. Leaves left in the water promote bacterial growth, shortening the life of your roses.
  3. Change water and add provided flower food every 2-3 days. Follow the directions on the flower food packet.
  4. Avoid placing flowers in extreme temperatures. (hot & humid or cold & drafty)
  5. Avoid placing flowers in direct sunlight.
  6. To keep your bouquet looking it’s best, pluck visibly bruised petals off the flower, from the base of the petal.

Please do not expose your flowers to cold weather unprotected. When transporting your bouquet in cold temperatures, replace it back in the insulating bag, tie at the top and place it back in its carry carton as it was delivered. Place it in a warm vehicle on a level surface. Roses that have been exposed to below-freezing temperatures will experience reduced lifespan and could become visibly damaged.